Thursday, 22 July 2010

Meeting A Solo Yachtsman.

At the moment, his racing yacht is suspended about 30 feet or so off the ground in a car park in Lymington, Hampshire. But soon for Steve White, that is about to change.

Steve is a solo round the world yachtsman, who spends much of his time alone at sea for months on end, battling storm force seas, and surviving with very little sleep and food. Speaking to him today whilst filming a news package about his attempt, I got the impression that he was a very driven man with a passion for his sport. He is about to sail around the world against the prevailing winds and tides in a record attempt. On his own.

It was a bit strange filming on an ocean going racing yacht in the middle of a car park, but hey, us cameramen get used to this sort of thing.

Sometimes in this job you do get to meet some very interesting people who are about to embark on extraordinary journeys. I wish Steve well, and good luck. I feel he is going to need it.

Paul Martin

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Usual View.

Anyone who thinks that the life of a TV News Cameraman is one long job of filming exciting and interesting things should watch this short video. The above is sometimes true, but this is what you will be doing for most of your day..... Still want the job?

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A Cameraman's Lunch.

The subject of food is high on the list of many a cameraman's agenda. Oh, and a good stiff drink also. So when we find a place that makes good solid cameraman food, we tend to remember where it is. It is with pride that I announce to the world outside of Reading, Berkshire, the Pie Shop to beat all Pie shops. Sweeney & Todd.

Situated at 10 Castle Street, Reading, it makes and bakes the best quality pies known to any cameraman. And trust me, I've eaten a few pies.

A Steak and Ale Pie is the food of the cameraman gods. Like this one which lasted all of three minutes.

Hmmm ... Pies.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Police v Press. Well I Never ....

Today was a good day. It started out as any other filming job, at Portslade near Brighton, where the Police were searching and digging up some poor persons garden looking for evidence of possible bodies having been buried there.

Then something quite unexpected happened, the Police invited us into the dig site to film them going about their work. That's right, you did just read that correctly. I should point out that it was not a crime scene as such, more a speculative dig to see if more investigation was required. However the press officers from West Sussex Police engaged with the press, listened to what we wanted and the results for us were great pictures and information to tell our viewers what was happening.

The scene .....

It was a bit of a shocker I can tell you, but a bit of common sense and a desire to engage with the press, resulted in an important, sensitive story being told accurately and with the minimum off fuss from both press and Police.

No speculation, no searching for pictures or getting in peoples way. The information was swift, and interviews were arranged with a senior officer who was also in attendance throughout the day. I know that it can't be this way all of the time, time and resources just sometimes don't allow it, but today was a day that common sense and good press relations came together, everyone did their jobs, and an accurate story was told.

The press officer ....

So for once, I doff my cap to the Police and the West Sussex press team, who made the day just that much more pleasant in the face of what could turn out to be a very unpleasant story.

Paul Martin.

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