Monday, 15 April 2013

The Monday Meme... No 4. TV Cameraman Trumps Presenter.

The next time you sit down to watch a tv show about climbing the North face of the Eiger, hiking the length of the Serengeti looking for dangerous kittens, descending into North Pole ice caves or generally showing just how tough the presenter is, remember just one thing as you push that burger into your face...

Presenters... Rough, Tough, but always come second place in the race to the top of the mountain.

That's right... Just who do you think is standing in front of the sweaty, out of breath presenter as they claim victory over the elements of nature..? Who is it that they turn to as they breathlessly pontificate about their adventurous spirit and acts of derring do..?

The TV Cameraman... That's who. As the presenter huffs and puffs the last few steps to reveal the view, wiping the dirt from their brow whilst carefully avoiding damaging their logo'd sportswear, the faithful recorder of these momentous occasions will possibly roll their eyes.

You see, the cameraman has probably been there for a good while, carefully sequencing the shots as the overpaid hairdo with matching teeth gradually advances up the slope. The presenter may say something to the watching lens like...

"That was a tough climb, dangerous yet exhilarating... But take a look at the view.."

Whilst the cameraman is thinking to themselves...

"Yeah, I did it three hours ago carrying a tv camera, tripod, batteries, a huge roll of gaffers tape and a bag of cheesy puffs. Plus a grumpy sound man who complains about the wind noise..."

So next time you see your favourite hero selflessly endangering themselves for your viewing pleasure, think about the poor sap who had to film it... You didn't see the presenter lugging the tripod up the slope did you..? No... You didn't. He had a day sack, containing sandwiches and a flask of coffee, a mobile phone and a big fat tv contract.

Oh, and another thing. As the presenter stands atop the conquered mountain in their expensive logo'd storm jacket, climbing trousers and boots, with a steely eyed glare and just a hint of 'roughing it' stubble, (Which includes the lady presenters) the TV cameraman is probably stood there in a pair of cargo shorts, flip flops and an AC/DC World Tour T-Shirt, circa 1976.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.