About Me

Media Attention Ltd is owned by Paul Martin, who is first and foremost a handsome genius, liar and all round top bloke. I also freelance as a TV Cameraman. I specialise in News, Current Affairs, Features, Sport and Documentary, filming for most of the major UK News Broadcasters on a regular daily basis.

For the Social Media types, i can be found on Twitter as @ukcameraman HERE.

I also write as The Irksome Grump, HERE. With tales of genteel domestic terrorism, shopping mishaps with large ladies and how to deal with small children in a coffee shop.

Go on... Ask me... Is that thing heavy..?

I also work for many foreign news broadcasters on an ad-hoc basis usually directly or through an independent agency. I have been a freelance cameraman since 1997 and have enjoyed every minute of it. Mostly because i am my own boss, but mostly because i am a nosey and inquisitive person and i get to meet every type of person and find myself in many unusual situations that the average person does not get to experience.

I formed Media Attention Ltd as an independent news and features production company, seeing my work broadcast on a regular basis throughout the United Kingdom and occasionally, around the world. I blog about my experiences on my work blog, Media Attention, HERE.

I started to write this blog as a way of compiling cameraman related news, views and reviews, but rapidly turned into a blog about life on the road. Things that annoy me, dealing with the lunatic fringe of the general public and the effects of standing in the rain and cold for long periods of time. 

I hope you enjoy it.