Monday, 16 May 2011

I've been busy with my iphone...

I got around to thinking that this blog is primarily a behind the scenes type of blog for the life of a broadcast news cameraman. I have been doing very little of that lately, what with me wittering on about things that are not really from behind the scenes. I can wax lyrical on a wide variety of subjects as you well know, mostly bullshitting my way through random thoughts and issues that occur to me whilst travelling the highways of news broadcasting and burger outlet car parks. So here, for your delectation, are a few videos that i have filmed on my iphone over the last few weeks or so. They appear elsewhere on my various online places, but this being my main blog, they should also be here... So i hope you don't mind me repeating myself.

The first video is from behind the scenes at Bucklebury, where the press were gathered to film the celebrations during the recent Royal Wedding. Bucklebury being the place where Kate Middleton and her family currently reside.

The next video shows the not so glam side of TV Broadcasting, namely cable bashing. Anyone who has the remotest interest in the cameraman side of life will do this on a regular basis. Cable bashing is part and parcel of life as a cameraman or broadcast engineer... so get used to it, come rain or shine.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.