Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Volcanic Dust Spoils The Day

Now i know i am a little late here with the news that a volcanic dust cloud has swept around Europe, wreaking havoc amongst the airline industries and travellers worldwide, but i have an excuse. I was filming news reports and live broadcasting from a variety of locations around the UK for a number of different broadcasters, including the BBC, Reuters, France 24 and Nippon TV.

It was quite a week, when the worlds media turn up in a car park just outside Heathrow airport it is quite a sight to see. And of course trying to cope with live talkback in French and Japanese is quite a test. But the dust cloud story has now 'blown over' so to speak and i find myself back on the campaign trail for the UK General Election.... oh joy.

Still, good friends were made, new contacts were established and generally a good time was had by all, mainly because the sun kept shining and the bar and restaurant in the hotel were open, which makes a huge difference when stuck in one place for days on end.