Saturday, 12 February 2011

You Know It Makes Sense... Stay Local.

The worlds news outlets this week have been slathering all over the international scene, what with Egypt and Tunisia getting themselves into a collective of outraged mobbery and overthrowing their respective governments. Most middle eastern despots and military juntas must now fear the implosion of their grip on power and their Swiss accounts.

The local news... coming from a side street near you.

However, most of us news gatherers trudge on with the daily grind of finding more down to earth, local and gritty stories, the kind of which fascinate and tittilate the local news watching masses who have no intention of throwing their cocoa and biscuits to the floor in a rage of revolutionary fervour. Not for us the international bright lights, the travel to exotic locales with bright toothed, famous correspondents, dodging danger and a good kicking from the secret police. No, i thought to myself. I will stand at the side of the road in the drizzle, waiting to go live on a story of local significance, not international glory.

So, as the directors silken voice flowed into my earpiece, telling us that our report was lead story, and that they would be with us in ten.. nine.. eight.. seven.. i felt a smug warm feeling that at least on this day, our hard work and days labour would not be bumped down to the lower reaches of the bulletin, or dropped all together in favour of some higher being with bright eyes, in a distant land, telling us that we are now witnessing history.

Six.. five.. four.. three.. Roll titles.. Hello, and welcome to BBC South Today........ In the local news tonight.....

Paul Martin