Saturday, 25 February 2012

When opening a modern facility, we British wear Tricorn hats.

A long awaited, modern, state of the art bridge is just about to be opened in Poole, Dorset. A testament to modern planning, design and forward thinking into the 21st Century. So this is just the time to put on your highwayman's outfit, topped off with a Tricorn hat.

Bright, modern... Opened by 18th Century highwaymen.

You see, us British are funny like that. If we could we would go the full monty and have horses, swords and flintlock pistols. We like the past, the history and the nostalgia of better days when your local Mayor and Councillors actually did dress like this 24/7, and the locals weren't invited.

Yuor Council Tax or your life...

It was my duty today, for the local news, to film such a spectacle for the consumption of the masses, or in olden times, the masses that had consumption. The ribbon got cut, the crowds cheered, and the Mayor overdid the thankyou's in a looong speech that nobody could hear. A typical opening ceremony you may say, and I would agree except for the strange feeling I had whilst rolling tape, that I may be robbed of my money by a Tricorn hatted councillor, extolling the virtues of handing over my money or paying with my life.

I should not have worried, for they already do that very thing in the form of my council tax... And I blindly pay it by direct debit, no questions asked.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.