Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Rampant Self Promotion Of A TV News Cameraman.

Hello dear, kind and good looking reader... (There's a reason for my compliments.. read on) I always thought that my readers here were a strange, TV camera wielding bunch who enjoyed the embittered written spoutings of a fellow news lens lugger with a downer on standing in the rain... Them, and my parents.

It turns out that i have literally tens of readers around the world, a few of whom, (Possibly my parents) must have nominated my blog for an award, courtesy of those fine chaps at www.thedogsdoodahs.com, for i find myself as a shortlisted finalist in the competition for the UK Funniest Blog Competition.

This blog initially started as a way of writing about the news industry and cameras. In depth views and kit reviews, serious debate and cameraman news. However, since i genuinely can't be arsed with all that, it turned into a bitter and twisted account of my life on the news gathering, freelance cameraman circuit, with an emphasis on twisted.... and a light touch of bitterness.

It would seem that my tales of standing in the rain, eating bad food and being engaged by the lunatic fringe of the general public raises a smile amongst you that apparently deserves recognition. 

And seeing as i have been nominated and shortlisted for a prize, it would be remiss of me not to ask for your kind vote. I don't want to beg, kneel before you or plead with moistened eyes for the chance to win, however this is not much different to how i get my freelance work... So i will.

Those Doodah chaps sent me this picture... For your pleasure.

VOTE HERE..! VOTE HERE..! (Vote for Media Attention)

Should the begging, kneeling and crying not work, i have requisitioned my Grandson's favourite cuddly bear... So... should you be reading and liking my blog and fail to vote... The cuddly bear gets it. I will leave his fate in your hands.

Look into the pleading dead eyes... (The bear, not me) It's up to you... and you alone. USE YOUR VOTE..!

I would also like to point out that i am not in this for the fame, adulation or huge monetary prize. Mainly because there isn't any. There is however, a small prize to be won which i do not have my beady eye on**

**I have my beady eye on it.

Failing that, i will accept large amounts of cash money from any literary agent who happens to be passing by who wants to serialise my writing into a best selling series of books. Thank you kindly.

POSTSCRIPT: In the interests of good old British fair play, i have been shortlisted against these very fine blogs, who are also deserving of your readership... BUT NOT YOUR VOTE..! VOTE FOR ME..ME..ME..!

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·         Best Dad I Can Be bestdadicanbe.com - a look at family life from a Dad’s point of view.  Recent posts include subjects such as the Father Christmas dilemma, warning a soon-to-be student son about the dangers of wine, and Movember.
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·         Bit Comedy http://www.bitcomedy.co.uk/ - bite-sized comedy, including the series ‘Texts from my cat’.
·         Sleep Talkin’ Man http://www.sleeptalkinman.blogspot.co.uk/ - the nocturnal utterances of a mild-mannered Englishman, lovingly recorded and broadcast to the world by his wife.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.