Tuesday, 8 June 2010

BBC News Live Shoot.

Whilst filming with the BBC Breakfast news in Chobham, Surrey, I took a few pictures of us at work for your viewing pleasure. I hope you like the sneak preview of the behind the scenes at the BBC News.
BBC and SKY News Outside Broadcast trucks.

Marcus, our intrepid ( and dry) satellite engineer / knob twiddler / tech genius.

My BBC Reporter Phil Lavelle, interviews Marmalade the pony.

And of course, yours truly, filming the whole shebang for the BBC audiences viewing pleasure, whilst they have their breakfast.

The whole morning went extremely well except for the rain, and the fact that every time i switched on the camera the horses and ponies seemed to sense that we were going live, and buggered off. But, we got on air at every request with no blips so that's a bonus.