Thursday, 10 June 2010

More Reminders Of Not So Long Ago.

So, there I was, flicking through a few photo compact flash cards, when I came across a few nice pictures from way back when. You remember, the time when we were all pretty much up to our collective arses in snow and ice.

I took these from around the Meon Valley area in Hampshire whilst out and about filming stuff for my library. Luckily, I have a four wheel drive and managed to get about without getting myself stuck, unlike one car I came across. ( see below )

As I remember it, I had a very enjoyable day out, and the scenery was absolutely stunning. I also remember I used my towing rope on more than one occasion to rescue unlucky drivers from a freezing night in the car.

It still surprises me the amount of people willing to risk a drive in the country without being prepared for getting themselves stuck.

As this person found out, spending a night in the car in the freezing snow is a very uncomfortable experience.

So, there you have it. Sorry for the reminders of a winter that most of us would rather forget, but I thought that a few of you would like to see the pictures. I hope you liked them.

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