Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sometimes It Just Isn't Worth It.

I knew the moment I got out of bed that today was going to be one of those days. It just didn't feel right. For a start, one of my camera batteries hadn't charged. The irony of this didn't hit me until I got to my first filming job of the day in Brighton, to film a piece about pre season football training and an interview with the manager. Having got myself a cup of tea, I returned to the car to find that the car battery was dead. Stone cold dead.

Open heart car surgery....

So I called the RAC who swiftly came out and after checking the car decided that I needed a new battery. No surprise there then, but they were quick and efficient and I was on the road again in no time.

Getting it fixed.....

Vehicle heart transplant....

Having broken down on location I was however, able to do my thing and film the news item I was booked to do. Or so you would have thought. Turns out that the 0930 start on Thursday morning was in fact last Thursday, and the job had been done a week ago. Booking bod had read last weeks diary page instead of this weeks page. Easy enough mistake to make I suppose, unless he thought I was a time traveller?

Anyway, all was now rectified and all I have to do now is drive home and enjoy the rest of my day..... Bugger, just spilt tea down my trousers. Yep. It's gonna be one of those days.

Paul Martin