Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Floating Turds 2... The Revenge.

A few years back, during the flooding in the town of Lewes, i did my bit and filmed for the TV News. I have good memories of those few days when trickling rivers turned into raging torrents and nature decided to reclaim long forgotten natural floodplains. I even got some good feedback from the head honchos at the BBC. I guess they remembered, for today i found myself up to my knees in flood water again in West Sussex where heavy rain has swollen the rivers, saturated the rural areas and overloaded the drainage systems.

A floating turd hunt. June 2012.

My guess is that we will have more of this to come in the next few years if the climate change mob are to be believed. Or were they claiming drought and water shortages..? i can never remember. Anyway, i again found myself balls deep in flood water and sewage overflow from the good people of the South of England, avoiding floating turds and other detritus from households who suddenly found water seeping up through the floorboards and in through their doors. As much as i try to put a little humour into this blog post, i find myself unable to put aside the misery and upset that nature can throw at people by washing away their valuables, memories and sofa. I feel for the victims, i really do.

Mobile home... sorry, Houseboat for sale... £100.00 or nearest offer.

Not only do they have to deal with the calamity of having next doors belongings floating through the living room, they also have to put up with the likes of me and my reporter knocking on their door to ask how they feel right now. Some people we spoke to at the mobile home park are now homeless, with much of what they own ruined.

"How the blinking buggery do you think i feel..." would be my answer.

We were however, welcomed. We were offered cups of tea, shown around and treated with kindness from those who had spent the past 24 hours struggling to keep their lives and properties together. That's the British for you. When the turd of life floats through their letterbox and the god of the sewer pipe relocates their dining room table to the next town via the high street, they will always smile at you and offer a cup of tea.

Just check the chocolate brownie on the side before eating... ok...?

You can see what i saw on my youtube channel... Here

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