Monday, 2 July 2012

Back In The Saddle.

After the worst few weeks you can imagine, i am now officially back in the news van, ready willing and able to point my lens at a variety of stories worthy of my news producers eye. My last post will explain the absence of your author, and why it was that i appeared to have vanished from the news gathering scene here in the south of England for the last few weeks... I'm guessing you will forgive me.

So once again i saddle up by putting the camera in the van, provide myself with bodily sustainance and stretch my legs into the wide blue yonder. By that i mean getting my shoulder ache back, eating crap roadside food and driving up and down the south coast looking for news. Hey, it's a living. Did i just say that..?

Man drowns in underwater rat throttling accident you say..? Im on my way boss... 

If standing in the rain on roadsides, interviewing grey men in grey suits, or filming the inside of another corporate block is a living then yeah... i guess it is. But i mustn't grumble, the groove on my right shoulder didn't even have a chance to heal, my stomach has now given up on tasting anything remotely healthy, and my cameraman mindset has returned. Well, it didn't return as such, it had other things to think of that didn't involve criminals, local councillors, and whether the overall capital spending plans of local government was the correct fiscal way forward in the current austerity climate.

Flick the switch and hey presto... default setting to grumpy.

I prefer grumpy. i like the way it lets me spit porridge at the radio in the morning. i don't have to smile at passers by, or be impressed by gobble-de-gook by people in cheap, ill fitting suits. I can shout "70p for a cuppa you swindling bastard..?" at roadside tavernas and roll my eyes at the general fuckwittery that passes for todays youth.

My grumpiness you see, never really left me. It gives me comfort and strength. In times of foolhardiness   it gives you the excuse that whatever you say or do, people will tut, roll their eyes, and say

"Never mind him... It's just the cameraman... Grumpy old twat." Yep, it's good to be back.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.