Wednesday, 27 March 2013

We Promise Not To Snigger...

I have often said that my job enables me to meet all kinds of people, from the richest to the poorest and from the famous, powerful and influential to the unknown. I have however, neglected to inform you all of a small minority of people that inhabit the same spaces we all live in... The stupid.

TV News Cameramen discover that the man burned his own house to the ground, after a petrol storage and cigarette combination causes devastation.

They are amongst us. The man or woman sitting next to you may be one of them, and when they strike, it becomes the duty of a TV News Cameraman to film the aftermath for the news watching populace.

Following an online conversation i had with various lens wielding reprobates, i was given a list of news items that were actually filmed for the TV News. These examples are by no means isolated... Remember, these people inhabit the same streets as us. ( Thanks to Bob Palmer for the headlines ).

1. House destroyed by fire after resident attempts an 'indoor BBQ'

2. Hit and run driver identified by imprint of licence plate on victims chest.

3. After purchasing his fourth Mercedes, a school official is jailed for embezzlement.

4. Residents unhappy following Police order to evacuate submerged homes.

These were actual news stories remember, they have not been made up. It is amazing sometimes just how some people have made it through life as far as they have already. Isn't it obvious that lighting a BBQ... INDOORS... is going to leave a few scorch marks..? Apparently not.

Got an average job with an average wage..? AND 4 MERCEDES..? The boys in blue, and your workmates are going to be just a little suspicious of your disposable income streams. And following your capture, arrest and court appearance, one of us may just point a TV camera at you and tell the nation of your stupidity... We promise not to snigger.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.

If any of you who have just read the above post have any more headlines like the ones above, please leave a comment, we would love to see them and share. Thanks.

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