Friday, 14 May 2010

Looking For The Stig.

Not so long ago i found myself at Dunsfold aerodrome, filming a short news item about aircraft fuel saving technology. Yes, i know, my life is one big glamour whirlwind. Anyway, there i was in some draughty aircraft hangar when i wandered off in search of a toilet. Pushing my way through a large, heavy black drape, i found myself in the middle of the Top Gear studio.

I can't quite remember how i got there, but there i was, with the cool wall to my left, a large picture of the Stig hanging from the ceiling and various vehicles that the Top Gear team had wrecked over the years.

I knew that the studios were in Dunsfold, but i didn't quite expect to be able to just wander in. So, i wandered in. I was sorely tempted at that point to rearrange the cool wall, just to annoy Jeremy Clarkson, or to let down the tyres on a very expensive looking sports car that was parked not ten feet away. But i didn't have the courage, so i walked around in search of someone who could get me tickets for the show. You guessed it. No chance.

So, having realised that just because i worked for the BBC, that it didn't entitle you to free tickets, i returned to my news story about very technical men, explaining very technical things about fuel consumption and efficiency savings. Where was Jeremy Clarkson when you needed him?

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