Monday, 24 May 2010

Partners And Other Important People.

I had to think about this for a while, think of all the people that help, understand and know what it is to be part of a news cameraman's life. It isn't easy. I have lost count of the amount of times i have let people down, not turned up for something important, and generally messed people around, all because i enjoy telling other peoples stories.

That's right, my working life is spent relating tales of the lives of people i don't know, and i spend a lot of my time doing it. Working days, evenings, nights, early mornings and weekends are all part of the life of a news cameraman and it plays havoc with the home life. A phone call home from me is like telling my partner, Karen, to look into a crystal ball.

"Of course i will be home for tea ..."

"I will only be another hour or so ..."

"Fancy a BBQ this weekend my love ...?"

All total rubbish of course, and she knows it. It's not true, never is and never will be. I remember going to work one day, telling the usual lie that i will be home in time for tea, and not coming home for three or four days. Well, i didn't say which day i would be home for tea now did I?

So this post is in homage to my partner Karen, and the family and friends that I call upon to help with the kids, and generally mop up behind me, following the trail of lies, deceit and forgetfulness that make up my life as a freelance traveling lens lugger for various broadcasters who really don't care about what happens behind my front door.

And so, having written this post i am about to light the BBQ for a family dinner in the sun, that i promised the missus a few days ago ... hang on, is that my mobile ringing?