Friday, 28 May 2010

Peaks And Troughs.

Ask anyone who is a freelancer of any description, in any job and they will tell you the same. Work comes in fits and starts. Some days and weeks are filled with so much work you think that you can't ever possibly fit it all in. The phone never stops ringing, and you feel that if only you could split yourself in two, you could be rich.


Then, for no apparent reason that you can think of, the phone actually stops ringing, the days fade away into boredom and frustration, and you start to think that everyone on planet earth has forgotten that you exist. One minute, your family are complaining that they never see you and the kids have forgotten who you are, the next, you are under their feet and they complain that you are disrupting the finely balanced routine. Bloody hell.

There is only one thing for it. when work is on, i do the work. That stands to reason, if i don't work i don't earn. But on the days when i have no work on, here i am at the computer, building up an online presence for you all to peruse and enjoy. I squirrel myself away in the spare room, or corporate headquarters as i like to call it, and blog, twitter, audioboo and facebook, along with the website. I find that by doing this i am easily kept out of everyone's way until they call me when they need me to do something, or until the phone rings with another days work.

And when the phone does ring, as it always does, i am out the door with my camera gear to god knows where, wishing that i had a normal job, with normal hours, working with normal people. But that would be hell on earth for me.