Friday, 3 September 2010

An African Adventure.

My ugly mug was recently plastered across, and in return i posted a glowing account of his work on TV News in the USA here on this very blog. I suppose however, that we cannot venture down the road of mutual back slapping without a mention of Christian Parkinson. A fellow news cameraman who lives and works in South Africa for the BBC.

Christian Parkinson ... Lens lugging in Harare.
Reading his blog is a tour de force of newsgathering in Africa, the joys, the people and of course the tragic consequences of a continent sometimes mired in war, disease and famine. Christian has covered these events from the perspective of the man behind the lens. Capturing the very essence of Africa in good times, such as the recent football world cup, to the bad times where countries are falling apart and very nasty men with very nasty weaponry want to kill you.

His travels through the sometimes dark heart of Africa are regaled on his blog with the ease of a cameraman who knows how to write and tell a story, both visually and with the knowledge of what Africa is really all about.

So much so, that Christian has met and is about to marry a local South African Woman, who i hope understands the vagiaries of life as an international news cameraman and the dangers that they bring. Now that's what i call being embedded.....

Paul Martin.