Friday, 10 September 2010

Silk Purses From Pigs Ears.

Sometimes in the working day of a news cameraman, you are asked to film a story that is, well... Picture challenged. There is a story that needs to be told, but locations are, shall we say, dull.

Power stations .... Dull.

Today I filmed a story about power stations. Specifically, one that hasn't been built yet. There was one next door though so I asked, can we go inside? ... No. Can I get closer to get a better angle? ... Er ... No. Where is the new one being built? ... Next door. Can we go there? ... Oh yes, no problem. Great! What's going on there? ... Er ... Nothing, it's a car park right now.

So you see my point and the frustration of my inner Spielberg, desperate for nice, clean, story telling images for which telly awards will be won, and the warm admiration of my fellow lens luggers. Sometimes it just ain't gonna be....

The buildings were grey, as were the skies, and to cap it all off, an interview with a suit.... In the wind, with a helicopter going round and round overhead. This was followed by a presentation for local people to attend, telling them about the future development on their doorstep. At least we could get some seething masses of indignant locals, rising up against the corporate beast....

No one was there.

The caretaker was though, so we grabbed him, thrusted the mic towards his face, pointed my lens at the bemused man and we demanded answers.

He didn't mind really... But would we like a cup of Tea?

Paul Martin