Monday, 25 February 2013

And The Winner Is...

When my producer called to ask if i would like to go to the Royal Television Society Awards, my heart skipped a beat. Had i finally been given the overwhelmingly deserved recognition for my time spent cold and alone standing on the streets in search of TV News gold..?

I searched and searched... But my name was not there.

As it turned out, no. I had not. I was however, invited to film the awards. That is, would i like to film my contemporaries, colleagues and friends win an award, have a sumptuous dinner, and drink like fishes..? Why yes i would, thank you very much. I would be delighted.

It's not that i am bitter, twisted and filled with a jealous rage that once again, i had been overlooked in the Best Camerawork category, or the Best News Film Award. I do this job for the love of it, the search for truth, plus an adequate pile of cash. Trinkets and baubles mean nothing to me...**

(**Although, if you are offering...)

I would like to emphasise the fact that i am not at all bitter... Or twisted.

So i set up my camera in the upper stalls, overlooking the glittering event as the best of the best walked on stage to collect their well deserved prize for a job very well done. Warm applause filled the air, award winning backs are slapped. Fellow nominees smile and clap although inside they slowly die the death of bitter disappointment... (keep smiling, i don't want to look like a bad loser, even though i am crying inside). Oh well, maybe next year.

Me..? I quietly went about my filming business as i always do. I may not receive nominations or awards, but on that very night, as i worked from my lofty position above the glitz and glamour of awards night, i had the pleasure to be positioned directly above the ITV Meridian Tonight News table, and a particular buxom journalist in a low cut dress top. That was prize enough for me.

From my lofty position, i got a good view of my colleagues getting pissed, and an unexpected view of an ITV Journo's ample cleavage.

I am however, heartened by the rumour that next year there will be a Royal Television Society category for Best Wizened Old Fart with A Camera And Blog (Lifetime achievement) Award, and The Best Media Grump Award...

I'm a shoo in for at least one of them.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.