Friday, 5 April 2013

Are TV News Cameramen Quicker Than Producers..?

Here's a little quandary for all you TV News producers out there. Can a mere news cameraman, armed with an iPad Mini and a mobile phone, produce more up to date information on a breaking top national news story than you can, sat in a multiple million pound news centre in London..?

Modern weapons of a TV News Cameraman...

Well today as it turns out, yes I can.

Today I was tasked with doorstepping a high profile banking figure at his house where, i was reliably informed, he lived. I was given the address of the house, which turned out to be a business address, not a residential one. The house next to it however, seemed a likely target given that the name of the address supplied was only one word out, and it looked the kind of place where a banker would hide his millions. I informed the newsroom.

We'll get right back to you, they said. (Don't laugh..) So I waited.

In the meantime I Googled the name of my errant quarry. What he looked like, his business dealings and interests. I grew suspicious that our man didn't live here. Again, i informed my producer... I was told to doorstep the house. I puffed out my chest, flexed my muscles and got ready for possible verbal abuse or a jab in the bottom by a pitchfork wielding banker. I doorstepped the house. They had never heard of him. He didn't live there. My Spidey senses were tingling...

I Googled him again. Given his current high profile news status, getting past the story was tough... Business listings, directorships... BINGO..! I've seen that company somewhere.

Currently a director of ***Ltd. Quick look at business address next door... DOUBLE BINGO..!

Double check... Google name, business and address... FULL HOUSE..! He's the Director of the business next door. I'll take my winnings in cash please.

I inform my producer, who was waiting on more info... From the business correspondent, who in all fairness to them both, we're probably up their eyes in what is a big story here in the UK.

But it was nice to know that my detective skills are still razor sharp, and on the bleeding edge of mobile technology. On this occasion, I turned out to be quicker than a multi million pound newsroom. Can i have a bankers bonus..?

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.