Monday, 22 April 2013

The Monday Meme... No 5. A TV News Cameramans' Best Friend.

The picture explains it all really. Any TV News Cameraman will tell you that you don't need specialist screwdriver kits, multi-faceted hinged tools or shiny expensive implements on a belt fastened pouch.

'Nuff said...

No. All you need to hold together your next tv news production is a sturdy roll of Gaffers tape, duct tape or possibly even electrical tape for the smaller jobs. Call it what you will, but a roll of tape has saved many tv news cameraman calamities.

You all must have seen a press conference with the local Police Chief, Council airbag or sobbing relative, speaking from behind a row of microphones from six or seven news outlets all Gaffer taped to one or two Mic stands..? 'Course you have.

Trip hazard from lighting or sound cables..? Gaffer tape them to the floor... Any floor. It doesn't stick..? Use more Gaffer tape.

Lost a tightening screw to the lighting stand..? Gaffer tape the light to the stand and hey presto... Let there be light, but please ignore that melting plasticky smell.

Windscreen cracked on the live truck..? You know what to do.

Unwanted advertising logo in shot..? Break out the Gaffer tape.

Standard issue cameraman hiking boot split..? No problem for you know what.

There are so many uses for this innocuous piece of kit that everyone should carry a roll with them. Consider yourself not in the TV News Cameraman club unless you have a roll of tape in your truck. (Multi coloured rolls gets you Vice President club status for life.)

However... Be warned. Gaffer taping the mouths of gasbag politicians, celebrity gobs on a stick or your very own over talkative reporter will land you in hot water with the bosses. You will however, become a legend in your own lunchtime amongst camera crews the world over... Just make sure you get in on camera.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.