Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Getting My Ducks In A Row...

I didn't film any news yesterday. Instead, i whored my ass for the corporate Dollar, and found myself in a world of corporate speak. Ladies and gentlemen, it is not very often your author finds himself at a loss for a wise ass comment or words that evoke mirth or sadness. Today however, i found myself bewildered at the nonsensical bullshittery that abounds within the corporate sphere.

The Ministry of Corporate Bullshittery. London. SW1. (It could actually be Basingstoke...)

So how do i explain my present predicament to you, dear reader...? Well, let me anunciate my findings starting in a ball bark type scenario. I must give a little bang for buck to my clientele, as they say. This being a banner year for ukcameraman with a high batting average in the news related acquisition of the moving image, i find myself base tending with a view to further expansion.

To prevent myself being behind the eight ball, and finding my inbox full of missives from the big enchilada, i must participate in a little blue sky thinking, creative, out of the box thinking to take me to a blue ocean opportunity. Bouncebackability is the watchword here, with an emphasis on avoiding the scenario of shooting the puppy.

Skip level meetings, with a preponderance toward raising my skills ecosystem, have resulted in a sharp rise in the upward trajectory in my given sphere, and a capitalistic approach to my fiscal remuneration. But i shall keep my powder dry on that particular kabuki dance.

So there you have it. Kudos all around. But head count freezes may result in more heavy lifting on my part to reach the necessary helicopter viewpoint.

I hope that helped.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.