Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sticking It To The Man... Or... Sniggering at Tony Blair's security.

Well the Leveson Enquiry into ethics in the media took a funny turn yesterday when a protester stormed into the courtroom as our former Prime Minister, Anthony Charles Lynton B.. liar... sorry Blair, or Tone, man of the people, took the oath not to lie (Sniggers) and gave his evidence, which he did so using an amazing amount of hand gestures, making him look like a crap magician using an invisible deck of cards.

Dunno about you, but i was transfixed, almost hypnotised by the waving of the hands to distract from the bullshit which flowed forth.

The international sign of indignation... recognised the world over by Tony Blair.

 I made the mistake of following the hands... i could feel myself starting to drift under ...

"Yes Tone, anything you say dear leader...zzz....Another war..? No problem.... zzzzz"

However, the spell was broken when we were rudely interrupted as the protester burst in and accused the Former Prime Minister of being a war criminal. Popcorn went everywhere and coke exited through my nostrils. I watched astounded as the intruder clung on to the desk for dear life as security (Sniggers again) and Tone's bodyguards (Guffaw) wrenched him from his soapbox and dragged him away.

So i guess it was lucky that the protester only entered the building and the courtroom armed only with a righteous sense of indignation and rage against our former war starting, peace loving, middle east roving and extremely highly paid former leader. The mind boggles at the thought of what he could have done with a Marmite sandwich and a mug of cup-a-soup. It could have been one hell of a mess.

I am led to believe that this morning, security at the enquiry have received a re-training module in Security 101 (Revised 28 May 2012) section 2... How to spot a man with no accreditation, as he walks towards the Ex Prime Minister, giving evidence in court. (Sub section 42(a)) as it has been reported that people are now being searched on the way into the building.

Now come on guys, lax security makes for brilliant TV news, we could have a weekly intruder into the enquiry. Don't go and spoil it all eh..? Oh, and look up Section 66 (Sub Section 13) in the Security handbook 101... Stable, Door, Horse and Bolted... When the shit hits the fan.

Here's the video...

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter