Friday, 11 May 2012

A Long Overdue Reign.

So the weather department of the BBC in Scotland decided recently to hand over the little clicky button thingy from a pert, youthful weather presenter to give a new boy a chance of broadcasting. HRH Prince Charles, having i assumed, just passed his media studies course at the Open University, took control of said clicky button and proceed to broadcast the awful Scottish weather to the BBC faithful.

His Royal education briefly eluded his highness when he was heard to say,  "Who the hell wrote this  script..?" Who indeed your Royalness... who indeed. But when Royalty speaks, people take you seriously and his question was possibly answered when it was rumoured that a young weather girl was last seen being dragged away by security never to be seen again. Poor girl... Just as you think you've made it to a glittering telly career, with boozy nights out with footballers and everlasting fake tan, your hopes and dreams are dashed by passing nobility with a clicky button fetish. Oh dear... How sad... Never mind.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.