Tuesday, 14 May 2013

First Class Tabloid Bashing.

With apologies to my esteemed foreign readers, who may not get what i'm on about in this post. I am today writing about the foibles of the British tabloid press. I know that you are used to me writing about life as a TV News Cameraman and the odd side of life therein, but this being, 'ahem...' a 'Media Blog' i feel that i should at least occasionally bring your attention to other aspects of the UK's finest news gathering press corps.

Its all true... If it's in the papers, it's all true.

I am sure you will all remember the famous headline 'Freddie Starr ate my hamster' and other even less salubrious headlines splashed across the front pages of the tabloid press. The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Star, The Daily Express et-al are all occasionally guilty of alarmist, sexist, racist or downright libel inducing headlines spread across their front pages.

How many times have you picked up a newspaper, looked at the headline, read the story and said to yourself, 'What a load of old bollocks..!' Numerous times i suspect. I know i have.

Well fear not. There is now an antidote to all the tabloid bollocks, in the form of Rich Peppiat, an ex tabloid hack who has well and truly bitten the hand that used to feed him. Rich, with help from Will Sturgeon from The Media Blog is now fronting an online video show called The Spike.

Here is one episode called Boob jobs, hatchet jobs and April fools... In which Rich takes great delight in ripping apart Fleet Streets good, bad, ugly and downright deceitful. I think you will agree that he does it quite well...

I look forward to seeing The Spike team serve up more of this type of tabloid bashing entertainment as and when the tabloids fully deserve it, which let's face it, is on a daily basis for some papers. I like to think i can trust Rich and his team to inform me of what is good, what is bad and what is a pile of steaming poop in the current press... I just hope he doesn't turn his attention to TV News, not that we have anything to hide at all... Oh Lordy no.

Anyway, i'm off to film a story about an Eastern European wave of immigrants into the UK, who are setting up Otter baiting camps in social housing for overweight, topless D-List celebrities in the Norfolk countryside, paid for by benefits.

I am going with the headline... 'Celebrity Otter Baiting Benefits Scam Causes Cancer' Or something... I'll make it up when i get there.

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.