Saturday, 11 May 2013

Local News... At A Cinema Near You.

This poster was made by my professional tv news cameraman colleague Nic Small and posted to my facebook timeline. Why..? I don't know. How..? Again, i haven't the foggiest idea. But hey, a fan is a fan and i get them where i can... Something like this in the 1940's though would have got me famous... And it got me thinking about how we can get the local news out to more people.

Unfortunately, the times when local people got their news fix at the local cinema before the main feature has long since passed. Gone are the days when you watched the news of our valiant fighting men engaged in overseas battle, before watching Clark Gable smooch a beautiful woman, or John Wayne blow some poor schmucks face off after a cowboy bar brawl.

Can you imagine the youth of today having to sit through half an hour of local news before watching Iron Man 3..? We should at least try... Shouldn't we..?

What would it be like munching on a tepid hot dog or spicy nacho's whilst being told that your local council administration has just verified and approved it's local street lighting budget for the coming fiscal year..? I personally think it would be a good and educational thing to make the cinema going public watch the news before the film. It's good for them... No really.

We could show the news and have a sequin jacketed man play a wurlitzer organ to accompany the soundtrack of your local football team being thrashed in the first round proper of the FA Cup. Ice cream intermissions after the serious news before the cross over into the fluffy, feel good features involving pets and stupid people. YES..! We could do this...

I hereby start my campaign to bring back the practice of having the local news played before every blockbuster film, in every cinema around the country. This must become the law. Who's with me...?


Anyone there..?

Paul Martin is @ukcameraman on Twitter.